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      1 #+title: The Girl on the Train
      2 #+date: <2020-06-24 Wed>
      4 Dedicated to the girl on the train, without whom I would probably have
      5 had a good day yesterday.
      7 * Introduction
      9 I'm a music student, and university is a 1-hour train ride from where
     10 I live.  Due to [['s_responses][corona-chan]], all on-campus classes were replaced by
     11 [[][Zoom]].  Thus, my social skills have diminished to a major degree.
     12 Thankfully, a couple of weeks ago, my lessons (one per week) were
     13 moved back to campus.
     15 The weather was quite unusual--the whole city was coated with a dense
     16 layer of fog, higher than most buildings in the CBD.  Because I had my
     17 cello with me, I decided to catch the bus from the train station to
     18 university.
     20 I had only gotten a couple of hours of sleep that night, as I was up
     21 late writing an assignment, and woken up by my dog around 6:30 in the
     22 morning.
     24 * The Train
     26 After my lesson, which went well, I got a burger before hopping on the
     27 train.  I usually avoid sitting near people I've met to avoid boring
     28 small talk.  This time, didn't pay any attention to where I was
     29 sitting.  It wasn't until about 5 minutes had gone by that I noticed
     30 the girl sitting in front of me.
     32 * The Girl
     34 I recognised her as she was the year below me at school.  This girl is
     35 drop-dead gorgeous.  Her face is weirdly circular -- eyes, cheeks,
     36 chin, ears, all have a round quality that is indescribably beautiful.
     38 We started exchanging glances through the reflection in the window.
     39 After a while, we reached the sunny spot that looks down at the ocean.
     40 She put on her sunglasses and looked at [[][Kāpiti Island]] -- I could have
     41 sworn I was sitting next to an angel.
     43 When we got to the third stop from mine, she turned around and asked
     44 me if I was comfortable having a conversation.  I was stunned, and
     45 after some delay responded in a shamefully awkward way.  She kept
     46 asking me questions -- I told her about my cello, the commute,
     47 corona-chan.  She asked me what my highlight of the day was, and I
     48 couldn't think of anything -- hers was meeting a friend.  We
     49 unironically talked about the weather, which I've never done before.
     51 She got of at the next stop, I wished her a good week, and that was
     52 it.  I've never had a worse conversation in my life.
     54 * TL;DR
     56 I told the story to my friend like so:
     58 #+begin_quote
     59 this girl and I were exchanging glances on the train for ~45 mins, hot
     60 stuff
     62 then in [some place] she asks me "are you in the mood for a
     63 conversation?"
     65 ffs I freaked out, was in shock for 10 15 secs
     67 said some dumb shit like "ok", awkward 5 min chat about the weather
     68 until she got off at [some other place]
     69 #+end_quote