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plumb.el – interactively choose what to do with a URL

plumb.el – interactively choose what to do with a URL

This packages provides a convenient way to act on a URL in the way of your choosing.



  1. Download plumb.el
  2. M-x package-install-file RET path/to/plumb.el


Use the following recipe:

(plumb :type git
       :flavor melpa
       :repo "")

Manual installation

  1. Download plumb.el
  2. Put it in load-path
  3. Update autoloads
  4. (optionally) byte-compile it

How is the URL selected?

The URL is selected from the following, in order:

  • bug-reference link at point
  • shr link at point
  • URL at point
  • Org link at point (only in org-mode)
  • read from minibuffer

What actions are there?

The main entry point plumb prompts you to choose from one of the following actions:

  • Save to register
  • eww
  • external browser
  • View as image
  • View as pdf
  • Download and open
  • Stream
  • Download video
  • Download audio

Other entry points

The following functions are autoloaded, so you can use them in a keybinding (for example, in eww-mode-map):

plumb Select action from a list
plumb-stream Stream video or audio
plumb-download-video Download video
plumb-audio Download audio