Insert dates in various formats
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Insert Date

Insert Date

Just a tiny package to insert dates. I version all my elisp packages as "%Y.%m.%d" and wanted to quickly insert that in the magit tag prompt.

Another similar package is insert-time but I found it too limited, as it only supports inserting four (setq-able) formats.

No customizations are supported, I don't find it necessary because I'm the only person using this package.

Command index

  • Function: (insert-date-version ())

    Insert the date for use as a version.

    • 1970.01.30
  • Function: (insert-date-only-date ())

    Insert the date, separated by hyphens.

    • 1970-01-30
  • Function: (insert-date-only-time (&optional 12-hour))

    Insert the current time. With prefix arg, insert 12-HOUR format with AM/PM.

    • 23:11 (24 hour)
    • 11:11 PM (12 hour)
  • Function: (insert-date-both ())

    Insert the date and time.

    • 1970-01-30 23:11
  • Function: (insert-date-locale ())

    Insert the current date and time according to locale.

  • Function: (insert-date-iso8601 ())

    Insert the current date and time in full ISO 8601 format.

    • 1970-01-01T23:11:00+1200